The Breakfast Club

In 1999, Greggs launched the Breakfast Club Programme, which has been providing primary school children with a nourishing morning meal. To this day, they remain committed to ensuring youngsters have a good start to their day.

In response to concerns that some children were not being adequately nourished before their lessons, Greggs created the Breakfast Club Programme. This successful initiative now operates over 800 breakfast clubs across the country, providing fresh bread from local Greggs’ outlets as well as a range of other food and drink options such as cereal, milk, spreads and fruit yoghurt - all of which are enjoyed by over 52,000 pupils each school day, adding up to more than 8.6 million children annually.

Many of the breakfast club schools are in deprived areas, with a lot of households benefitting from free school meals. Sadly, some children attend school without having breakfast, and for lots, their free school meal is their only decent meal of the day. The breakfast clubs can provide some relief from food insecurity for families while at the same time offering an environment where children can socialise and enjoy breakfast together.

Greggs breakfast clubs are supported by The Greggs Foundation, with additional funding received from private sector companies and Greggs plc. To ensure they can offer a meal to disadvantaged children in the UK, each club needs approximately £3,000 per year. This money goes straight to those who require it, as all operating costs of the foundation are funded by Greggs. Further contributions are always appreciated and gratefully received.

The DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme has agreed to work with the Greggs Foundation to fund one of their breakfast clubs at Manor Beach Primary School for two years, to ensure 50 pupils have the chance to start their day right with a good breakfast.

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