Who We Are

Glasdon Group Limited

Glasdon are a market leader in the supply of environmental and safety products, with a focus on combining excellent quality and low maintenance with sustainability and value. We serve customers all across the globe, operating both directly and through our network of distributors.

With present turnover exceeding £35 million and the number of employees exceeding 250, the hallmarks of success have been proven to be total personal commitment and unrestricted emphasis on innovation, quality and customer service.

Our Values:

  • Product Innovation: Our in-house design team has gained vast knowledge in all aspects of product design and material selection. Independent product testing helps to ensure that Glasdon products meet our customers’ exacting standards in terms of aesthetics, function and service life.
  • Excellent Customer Care: Our commitment to customer service means that a fully trained team of sales representatives and technical staff are available to our customers for product demonstrations, inquiries and after sales service. For all our standard products, as far as possible, we aim to offer ex-stock delivery and the quickest possible lead time for bespoke orders.
  • Best Quality and Value: In our modern manufacturing and assembly factories, we have established a network of proven, high quality suppliers who work with us to meet our stringent quality standards. To ensure that all Glasdon products offer best quality and value, we place great emphasis on material selection, efficient manufacturing and never sacrifice quality for price.
  • Sustainability: Our passion for the environment and commitment to sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We have invested considerable resources in understanding and improving our impact. We continue to integrate sustainable and ethical practices into our day-to-day activities and are eco-conscious in all our decisions from the products we supply to the materials we use.
  • Loyalty and Team Spirit: Family values are at the heart of the company and we reward a high level of personal commitment and passion. 60% of our loyal staff members have been with the company for over 10 years, 34% of which have been here for more than 30 years! We always encourage employees to participate in the growth, development and success of the business.

The DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme

As part of our efforts to be a socially responsible company, we play an active part in supporting the communities in which we operate. The DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme, formerly known as the Glasdon Charitable Giving Committee, is just one of the ways we aim to do this, be it through making donations, offering sponsorships and gifting our products to charities and community groups.

The DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme in Action
The DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme in Action
The DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme in Action

In 2020 alone, we donated to 108 charities and local organisations, which included our work-based charity days in support of various national causes such as BBC Children in Need and Save the Children.

Now under our the heading of the DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme, we are able to donate even more time and money to giving back to worthwhile causes. This has enabled us to introduce a new grant application system, where charities and other organisations can apply directly to us to request funding for their charitable endeavours. Our dedicated team is made up of a board of charitable programme managers who are all passionate about social responsibility and giving back to the community. We meet bi-monthly to consider which activities we wish to support. These activities are funded by Glasdon Group Limited, with the full support of our Founder and Chairman, Donald J Sidebottom MBE, FCIHT and the Board of Directors.