Mission Statement

Our Mission

The DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme aims to support charities, organisations and community groups in various worthwhile endeavours both locally and globally. We aim to do this through the use of donations, grants, fundraising and product gifts. The charitable causes we support are for the benefit or advancement of the environment, relief for those in need by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability or financial hardship, as well as local community development and the advancement of health and life saving research.

Our Vision

The primary goal of the DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme is to benefit our local and wider communities by supporting worthwhile causes in achieving their aims. We strive for social responsibility and look to aid any charitable endeavours that help us to meet our vision, including environmental protection, community development and providing aid to those in need by any means.

Do you represent a charity or organisation that could benefit from the support of the DJ Sidebottom / Glasdon Charitable Programme in alignment with the goals of our mission? Why not Apply for a Grant or find out more about our Grant Eligibility Criteria today!