Supporting Young People in Blackpool

Skool of Street creates opportunities for young people to explore and develop their creativity.

Driven by a desire to ensure accessibility and equal opportunity for everyone in Blackpool, Skool of Street is a charitable organisation that specialises in delivering dance, music, art, fashion, climate emergency, creative writing and wellness workshops and projects to young people.

Ran alongside the House of Wingz Company, Skool of Street and House of Wingz are driven by the necessity for community, safety and equal opportunities for all.

Aiming to help the young people of Blackpool strengthen their communication skills, boost their self-worth and improve their mental health and wellbeing, Skool of Street offer ongoing opportunities to all who engage in their workshops.

Blown away by their commitment to providing creative avenues for Blackpool’s young residents, The DJ Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme made a donation to Skool of Street to support their STREETFEST events.

To find out more about Skool of Street, visit their website:

To learn more about grants available through The DJ Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme, visit the dedicated website: