Officially a Caring Corporate with Blackpool Carers

We’re pleased to announce that the Glasdon Charitable Giving Committee have pledged our support to become a Caring Corporate with the Blackpool Carers Centre.

The Caring Corporate initiative aims to help local businesses and organisations identify a carer in the workforce and assist them in gaining access to appropriate support they may need.

This is why being a Caring Corporate for Blackpool Carers can help enrich the life of the working carer, by being an employer who recognises the challenges faced and offers support, it means the individual can continue to be a valued employee whilst continuing to care.

Aware of the amazing work the centre does for the kind-hearted carers of Blackpool, we wanted to give some of our own support!

Becoming a Caring Corporate also gives us the chance to give back to those who work tirelessly to look after others and see the impact donations have on real people.

We believe it is important to recognise carers in our company who commit to a caring role alongside their work, to help them continue working as we know it can be vital to many carers’ identity and routine.

If your company or organisation is interested in becoming a Caring Corporate, see here:

Find out more about Blackpool Carers here:

Photograph: Helen Edwards (Senior Secretary, Glasdon) alongside members of Glasdon Group Marketing.