Making the World Better with a Christmas Sweater! #ChristmasJumperDay 2018

Helping ‘make the world better with a sweater’, Glasdon staff put on their most festive woollies in support of this year’s Christmas Jumper Day!

The annual tradition sees Glasdon staff don their most garish festive garments featuring all sorts of Christmas characters from Snowmen to Santa – all in support of an important cause.

The festive fundraising day provides support for Save the Children, an international children’s charity that helps to fight for children’s rights and supports the most vulnerable.

The charity works in more than 60 countries around the world, including the UK, and fundraisers like this one have allowed Save the Children to help 13.3 million children in last year alone.

In exchange for a donation, people of all ages, from office workers to school children are encouraged to wear their Christmas jumpers, and the monies raised can help make a difference to the lives of children living in poverty.

Glasdon staff in their sweaters managed to raise a huge £400 for this amazing cause, with a donation from the Charitable Giving Committee included in the total.

To everyone who got involved – thank you and we can’t wait to see what knitted ‘Christmas crackers’ you turn up in next year!

To find out more about Save the Children, please visit: