Making the Tough Days More Bearable

Rosemere Cancer Foundation supports world-class cancer treatment throughout Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Committed to funding cutting edge equipment, supporting innovative ways to reduce patient fear, backing local research projects and facilitating high-quality training, the Rosemere Cancer Foundation works to provide world-class treatment to patients throughout the Lancashire and South Cumbria areas.

As the UK’s third most common cancer, lung cancer rates in the North-West are higher than the national average, with Lancashire and Cumbria accounting for 3% of new diagnoses in 2018.

Driven by its desire to provide the best possible care for cancer patients in the Lancashire and South Cumbria area, Rosemere Cancer Foundation approached The DJ Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme to ask for support in funding its Cardiothoracic Tissue and Bio-Fluid Research Bank.

With the Research Bank's expectation to increase lung cancer understanding and develop new diagnostic or treatment methods, The DJ Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme were more than happy to offer its support.

To support the development of Rosemere’s Cardiothoracic Tissue and Bio-Fluid Research Bank, The DJ Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme is making a grant donation.

Housed within the pathology department at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the Research Bank will collect tissue, blood, urine and saliva samples from consenting patients undergoing lung cancer treatment at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Local consultants and university scientists can then apply to the bank for samples to help guide research and identify new treatments and diagnostic tools.

The Research Bank also seeks to increase the links between local hospitals and universities to develop research interests, facilitate ongoing and future research, increase the region’s profile within the local Clinical Research Network North West Coast (CRN NWC) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and improve the visibility of the region as a leading area for cancer research.

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