Glasdon Partner Up with the Wyre Rivers Trust

Wyre Rivers Trust are an organisation that work in collaboration to achieve an improved environment across the Wyre catchment in North West Lancashire.

The work they do is attained through monitoring and research of the watercourses, river restoration, as well as education and engagement on the issues rivers and their catchments face.

Formed by three local interest groups, the trust has been delivering projects across the Wyre catchment since 2012.

The Wyre Rivers Trust is a host for the ‘DEFRA’ Catchment Based Approach Initiative and forms the Wyre Waters Catchment Partnership. *

This partnership uses its collaboration to improve the state of each water body in the Wyre Catchment to a level that will ensure that it reaches a good status under the Water Framework Directive by 2027.

Glasdon have joined in partnership with the Wyre Rivers Trust to help provide funding for the brilliant work that they do.

For more information on the Wyre Rivers Trust, visit: