Glasdon Drives the Switch to Electric

In recent years, the number of electric vehicles on the roads has grown sharply in the UK, meaning an increase in electric vehicle charging points is essential to keep up with the growth.

Compared to petrol or diesel, electric vehicles are cheaper to run, maintain, and are better for the environment as they have no exhaust emissions and emit no pollutants*. These are just some of the reasons many people are choosing to change to an electric powered vehicle.

Supporting the switch, Glasdon decided to install electric vehicle charging points for employees to be able to charge their cars whilst at work and to help encourage the idea of changing to electric vehicles in the future.

Passionate about the environment and always aiming to be an economically, environmentally and socially responsible member of the global community, providing electric vehicle charging points was just another step we were committed to make to help protect the planet.

Installing the Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Four electric vehicle charging points were installed at Glasdon House and required a dedicated team to implement.

Infomaster™ Bollard’s were installed to highlight the intention of the parking bays, with its large rectangular sign face to display the logo.

The bollard was chosen as it is ideal for parking spaces due to its narrow footprint that takes up minimal space on the pavement. Its rectangular sign face is also large enough for drivers to see from a distance and is at an optimum height.

With a recessed sign face, the Infomaster deters vandalism and can be easily re-sited if needed.

We are extremely pleased with the way the charging bays turned out and thank everyone involved in the process.

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