The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Tis' the season for a Glasdon Christmas tradition to continue. Instead of sending corporate Christmas cards, we will be supporting two local charities with our donations.

Supporting local charities can make a huge difference over the festive period, a time where it is especially important to look out for each other and our mental wellbeing.

This year we have chosen two charities who have supporting mental health at the forefront of their values. With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting us today, it is important to recognise that many individuals will be experiencing poor mental health for the first time. Having support and guidance is essential to understanding and looking after your mental wellbeing.

For that reason, we are proud to announce that we will be supporting Lancashire Mind and Willow Garden Project.

Lancashire Mind

Lancashire Mind is an independent charity, working to make a positive difference to the mental health of people living and working in Lancashire. Last year, they worked with over 12,000 children and adults to provide stable housing, access to the right support and improved resilience.

This charity works with people of all ages to increase knowledge, support, and maintain recovery from poor mental health. They believe in reducing the stigma and see a future where everybody in Lancashire understands their mental wellbeing as well as how to look after each other’s.

Willow Garden Project

The Willow Garden Project (WGP) is a charity based in Fleetwood which aims to improve the mental and physical health primarily of those with disabilities and mental health needs.

Their community garden is home to a variety of plants, a sensory area, and a pond to help people develop their skills through a range of nature and recycling-based activities. WGP provides a safe place to relax, helping those who attend feel happier and healthier. They believe gardening can encourage positive life changes for all.

A huge thank you to both charities for their passion, care, and support for the local community.

Please read more about these brilliant charities and how to make donations here: