A Merry Christmas Tradition

Replacing Christmas cards with donations has become a festive tradition Glasdon get involved with each year.

As Christmas is a time for giving, instead of sending out a Company Christmas Card, a Company donation is made to two inspiring local charities.

The Salvation Army Bridge Project helps support some of Blackpool’s most vulnerable who are in crisis, from those having housing difficulties or are socially excluded, to those who may need help with Alcohol or Substance issues.

Two main components of the project include a series of Educational Programmes and a Drop-in Centre which provides a variety of support, such as food parcels, washing and telephone facilities, as well as NHS Health checks and Benefits Support.

The project is funded entirely from donations meaning that without the help from donations like ours, the project would not be able to offer help to those in need.

For more information on the project and details on the drop-in centre, click here: http://www.blackpoolcitadel.co.uk

The Blackpool Boccia Club is the only club on the Fylde Coast dedicated to the disability sport of Boccia, which tests muscle control and accuracy.

The club has played in the Pan-disability Boccia Championship North West League three times and has attributed its success to the great support achieved through a number of individuals and organisations.

Meeting every Tuesday afternoon at the Blackpool Stanley Park Sports Centre, the club are open to a wide range of disabilities and are always looking for new members to join.

For more information on the club or details on how to join, see here: https://www.blackpoolbocciaclub.co.uk/

A company donation of £500 was given to both The Salvation Army Bridge Project and The Blackpool Boccia Club.

First Photograph: (left to right) Major Sandra Fisher (The Salvation Army Bridge Project) and Helen Edwards of Glasdon.

Second Photograph: (Back row to front row – left to right) Colin Morris (Coach), CJ Holt (Player), Helen Edwards (Senior Secretary, Glasdon), Elaine Tennant (Welfare Officer), Tony Edmonds (Manager), Christopher Morris (Player), Jack Wilding (Player), Dave Burns (Player), Rachel Lambert (Player)